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Getting it right

SFSW.net has hosted websites, domains and email services for clients for many years. Our core business is software development for clients and our own projects, often in collaboration with artists. It is very important to get web-hosting right.

There is a lot of competition in this field available that involve:

  • Monthly fees
  • Locked in commitment
  • Resource limitations

Our clients are interested in software development to achieve their business goals. Many clients have their own cloud servers, infrastructure or use AWS or other Cloud providers.

As part of our software development service we provide quality cloud hosting and/or a Content Management System (CMS) site (usually WordPress) connected to the client’s domain name.

We will also provide quality email services for a monthly fee. We can help with DNS management via our services or provide an interface to do it yourself.

Shop for services.

For more information on Software Development or Hosting services, you can contact us by email.

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